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    Pat the Tailor is a material mastermind. I was just recently a bridesmaid in a wedding. While the dress was very pretty, the style was not at all suitable for my body type. I was practically in tears about it.

    Problems. Problems. Problems.

    Each and every bridesmaid requested that the bride stay away from a strapless dress. One day, after much anticipation, we get sent a pic of the dress.... surprise surprise! It's 1 strap...ugh. Pat the Tailor built cups into the dress so I didn't have to fiddle with a bra all freakin day and night. He even made me an attachable strap for the other side so that after all of the pictures I could put it on and not have to worry about adjusting anymore.

    Also, the dress was way too low on top. I was so uncomfortable with how it looked and how I imagined myself to look in pictures next to the other bridesmaids. Not to mention, it was totally inappropriate to wear in the Church! I was ready to buy a shawl to cover myself. Old lady status.

    The bottom was also too long and he hemmed it just right. I am so grateful for Pat the Tailor! Without his genius work I would have been uncomfortable for one of the most memorable days of my life. My bff's wedding went so perfectly! The whole day was a smooth success. I'm so happy that I was able to enjoy it to the fullest extent! Love love love this place and will take all of my business here in the future. :)

    I really can't thank you enough! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!

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    Let me tell you about this miracle man. I hate strapless dresses with the fire of a thousand suns and I was a bridesmaid in two weddings this summer, both with strapless dresses. Well... I THOUGHT I hated strapless dresses. The fact is, the right tailor will make anything look good, and he took a style that looks tenty and unflattering on me and made it look fabulous by doing all kinds of wizardry on it (hemming, taking it in, fixing a bent wire in the front and replacing shoddily made hooks)... All at a reasonable price that was way lower than the quote I got from the nightmarish corporate Hellscape that is David's Bridal. Faster turnaround, too!

    Supporting independent businesses is important, but its even more important when they're good at what they do. Everyone there is super nice and helpful. I recommend them highly to every near-broke, desperate bridesmaid!

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    I had struggled to find a quality tailor for quite some time. Pat and his staff fit the bill! I wear suits to work (women's) and everything I buy needs to be hemmed. I recently bought an inexpensive dress and they made it look great on me. I think the prices are very fair, and have paid more for disappointing results at other establishments.
    Their hours make everything easy and the staff is very helpful.

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    I recently brought in 6 Suits and 19 Dress shirts to have Dry Cleaned and Laundered. I was impressed enough with the quality and speed of service to write a review. All of my shirts came back spotless and even had no wrinkles. I didn't have to take an iron to them which shows that whoever cleaned them cares about the quality of their work and customer service. When I dropped off my clothes at the last minute before closing on a Saturday the woman behind the counter was very helpful and even provided good advice on recommending a couple shirts to be dry cleaned instead of laundered. It was the little things and their tentative to detail which turned this first time customer in to a repeat customer. I can honestly recommend this place if you need a dependable quality Dry Cleaner.

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    I love Pat and alllllllllll of his work! I've been sending my dresses to him since last year!

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    No other area tuxedo vendor does a better and more personal job than Pat the Tailor. I needed a tux at very short notice, my wife was really mad that I had forgotten this formal just two days away! I stopped into Pat's and pleaded my predicament , he joked with me that he would fit me next Tuesday, well after the event, smiled, winked and fitted me right there!. I even walk out of the place with the tux! Wow, no one else would do that! Price was great, he really cares about how you look, and is a great guy. Shop local folks!