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A tuxedo has certain distinguishing features that give it the name it has. Tuxedos are primarily made with satin or grosgrain facings on the jacket lapels along with the black or midnight blue color. This is the most distinguishable form of tuxedo. With every fashion sense, the colors have changed ranging from white to even red or blue. For whatever event you may be renting your tuxedo out for, there’s Pat The Tailor to help you with every step of the way.

Our custom tailoring services takes his time when making a suit. This comes from multiple years in the practice as well as a passion for making suits. Tuxedo rentals are no different, we make sure that each person coming into our formal wear store gets the attention they need.

We are also a tailor, giving you the ability to have alterations and repair done on your suits made from our store. For more information on all tuxedo rental products and services in Wall Township, NJ and the surrounding areas, contact Pat The Tailor today! Don’t forget to ask about vest and show rentals!